Machina Infinitum“ is a small artist driven project founded by 2 fractal/VFX artists.

We create 3d fractals for music videos, films, festivals, concerts and events.

Fractals started in 2 dimensions, but thanks to todays technology we can visualize them in 3 dimensions, making our images look and feel different from all other 3D modelling software.

“These worlds have always existed, Machina Infinitum interprets them, and makes you discover them.”

All this would not be possible without a Visual Effects Artist.
Jesper creates combinations of lights, colors and atmospheres that will immerse you even further into this mind-blowing world.


Who’s behind this?

And what’s behind the mask?

VFX Artist Jesper Nybroe

A veteran in Visual Effects, Jesper has over 2 decades of experience in the VFX world.

He has been involved in countless feature films, music videos and commercials. After many years of working for some of the most respected companys around the world, Jesper decided to make a HQ at home and do all his work remotely.

In 2013 he got bitten by the amazing world of 3D fractals and has been obsessed by it ever since.

Fortunately he wasn’t the only one obsessed…

Meet Matteo!

Fractal Artist Matteo Scappin

Matteo studied computer science in Dolomites - Italy.

At the age of 10 he got fascinated by the 2d Mandelbrot set.

When he discovered the fractals and the marvellous infinite worlds that could be discovered, creating these environments and making them visible to everyone became an addiction.

The past couple years he created animations and videos for events and VJs in his spare time.

Wanting to follow his dream, he was the man behind teaming up with another artist and start Machina Infinitum.

Oh, the mask? Just a white wall behind it!